The stories of BP and the SOS brigade and star wars.

One day on Luke's home planet artoo and 3PO were going to Jabba the Hutt's palace.

A message and a gift for Jabba the Hutt huh? well this can't be worse said 3PO.

Then artoo was beeping.

Yeah I know that we're helping master Luke to save Captain han solo artoo.

Then BP, leia, chewbaka and BP'S team went in.

Are you sure we should gave chewie to Jabba master BP asked haruhi?

Yes Jabba will think we're ten of his bounty hunters said BP.

Then inside Jabba's palace there was a blast and ten bounty hunters (BP, the SOS brigade and leia) came in with chewbaka.

Then Jabba told C-3PO to tell one of the bounty hunters to take his helmet off.

Excuse me you the one with yellow and brown ears sticking out the great Jabba the Hutt wants you to take your helmet off.

No I am a bounty hunter with pikachu ears.

We came for the bounty for this wookie.

Then BP saw Lando, dude and his team.

Hey Jabba why is Lando wearing that helmet?

Then Jabba told 3PO to tell the bounty hunter that lando was no longer on his pay list.

He said he hired him so Lando won't pay him.

Yeah you know you could have gave han a little more time to pay you.

Then Jabba's guards threw chewbaka and han who was free for the carbonite in a room with BP'S team.

Stupid Jabba I could have went to pay him when we were on hoth said han.

Don't worry solo Luke will come and save us said heart.

Then BP went outside of the palace to wait for Luke.

Then BP saw Luke.

Hey BP did Jabba accept the bargain asked Luke?

No he didn't.

So glad I gave him artoo and 3PO.

Their your droids Luke you shouldn't have gave them to Jabba.

Then at the pit BP and his teams were going to die.

What's the plan now genius?

Kyon don't make me mad.

Jabba this is your last chance free us or die.

See there's our plan.

Then on endor han and his crew (plus BP and his team) were looking for the shield generator to the death star.

Ripto is here I feel his power.

Are you sure ripto is here?


Then at the death star BP, Luke and BP's team saw the emperor.

Welcome young skywalker and his friends he said.

Darth sideous.

Jedi master BP? vader I told you and ripto to kill him.

We tried to master but he's just unstoppable said ripto.

He's right sideous.

Yeah Lord vader told me your kept calling him anakin.

Yeah so I had to do it besides thanks to darth I got hit in the head because he cut off my automail hand on cloud city.

Then BP, Luke and the SOS brigade got out of the death star with darth vader and ripto.

Ripto here have your lightsaber back.

Thanks master said ripto.

Then on endor BP, his team, Luke and his friend partyed with the ewoks.

With the empire dead the good side will live in peace.

The end.

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