The stories of BP and the SOS brigade.

One day at the ice palace that Queen elsa lives in BP and the SOS brigade were waiting for queen elsa.

How come you always have to wear your buso rinken and the rest of us has to wear our snow gear asked kyon.

I always have to wear this because I don't want my body to be cold said BP.

Yeah just like on hoth you had to wear your buso rinken said haruhi.

No I wasn't I was wearing my jacket from the anime guardians.

Then elsa came down.

Welcome SOS brigade she said.

Hi your highness.

Then Jack frost came.

I can't wait for our mix tag three-on-three match elsa he said.

Then on smackdown BP and Dude were handling ripto and the guy who wanted to kill elsa with rick and morty t they're side.

Demon spear, demon spear, demon spear.

Rick, morty you two shouldn't have face them yo said dude.

Then BP speared ripto.

Demon spear, demon spear said Cole.

Woah what was that move asked morty?

That's my #1 best move the demon spear morty.

Then BP pined ripto.

Here's the pin 1, 2, 3.

Then the bell rang.

Here are your winners BP and dude the rapper and the demon boy.

Later dudes I'm going on my new mission.

Later BP.

Besides a titan is helping my new anime friends.

I need to head back to anime headquarters anyways.

Yeah and tell your team that which world is colder.



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