The stories of BP and the SOS and the star wars saga.

One day BP was on hoth with Luke skywalker and his friends and the SOS brigade.

Man it's cold in here said kyon.

Look SOS brigade me, BP and chewbaka are fixing my ship's hyper space engine said han solo.

I hope master BP isn't messing with Princess leia said haruhi suzumiya.

He's not, he's helping chewbaka.

Then BP saw 3PO and R2-D2.

Master BP have seen master Luke said C-3PO.

No he didn't check in yet said BP.

Hey BP princess leia wants to see you said one of the rebel soldiers.

OK tell her I'll be right there.

Yes sir.

Hey BP are you finished fixing my ship yet.

Not yet solo but I have to go see princess leia and see what she wants.

OK I'll come with you.

Heart aino help chewbaka.

OK master said heart.

Then at the hoth control center princess leia and runo were checking for sounds.

You wanted to see me your highness.

Yes Luke hasn't come back to the base yet can you please go find him said leia.

I would love to princess but I have to help chewbaka with han's ship.

Honey please or I'll tell you to S-I-T said runo.

OK fine let's go han.


Then out in the cold han, BP and Luke were keeping themselves warm.

Then in the morning BP, han and Luke were back at the base.

There's something blocking the hyper space engine to this ship.

Then chewbaka growled.

I know chewie I know something is wrong with it.

Hey Sis we have to get out of here vader and ripto found us said minako.


Then in space BP and his team were in han's ship with leia, chewbaka and 3PO.

So you didn't go with Luke?

Nope if I went with him, yoda would tell me to teach Luke the ways of the force.

Dark side or good side.

Good side duh.

King me.

Man said pewds.

So pewds was in the ship to take a nap.


Hey master BP two star destroyers are behind us.


Then tie fighters came.

Oh boy.

Then on degobah dude was teaching Luke the ways of the force.

Then in cloud city han solo, BP and their teams saw han solo's friend lando.

So your ship's hyper space engine is broke said lando.

Yeah BP and his team tried to fix it but something is blocking it.

Then BP saw vader's star destroyer.

Guys I don't trust lando.

Come on master BP it's safe here.

So you're a jedi master huh BP?

Yeah lando.


Then BP'S team saw vader's ship.

Guys I think BP'S right.

What makes you guys think that?

Darth vader's ship.

How did.

Look vader isn't here.

Then konoha izumi and her sister konata izumi came.

Hey lando they said.

Hey izumis.

Konoha and konata what are you two doing here?

We came with master dude.

So dude is a jedi master too?


Did your team came along with dude?



Then in the visitors room the anime guardians, SOS brigade and han solo and his team were talking.

So were you and your team followed dude?

Nah dude we weren't followed said dude.

I sense darth vader and ripto somewhere.

Chill out BP.

No I mean it guys I sense darth vader and ripto.

I sense a trap.

Then lando came in.

You guys ready for dinner.

Yeah I'm starving said goku.

You're always starving goku said yuki.

Then at the door to the dinner room BP and his teams were standing there.

Guys wait it's a trap.

What is? master BP I told vader isn't here.

Then why did I sense him.


Then BP peaked inside and saw vader and ripto.

Then stormtroopers came and surrounded them.

Then BP and dude got their light sabers out.

Wait I thought we killed the rest of the jedi masters said the stormtrooper.

Think again.

Then ripto and vader opened the doors and took BP and his teams to the carbonite chamber.

Let us go vader or should I annoy you and call you anakin.

Then vader grabbed BP.

That name has no meaning to me said vader.

Darth put my nemesis down said ripto.


Then BP gasped for air.

No one treats master BP like that.

Anakin look I have a photo of padme your wife you told ripto to keep a secret to.

BP sit boy.

Then BP went to the ground.


Thanks runo.

You're welcome vader.

Then Luke skywalker came and sliced the cuffs off of BP after han was frozen.

Thanks Luke.

You're welcome master BP said Luke.

Now let's handle vader and ripto.

You're pumped.

Yep for revenge.

Then back at the carbonite chamber Luke and BP saw vader and ripto.

So did yoda told dude to teach you the ways of the force.


Master BP you're back and you brought Luke with you, how exciting.

Yeah I brought him for revenge now come on out here anakin and ripto.

Then BP'S hand got sliced off.

Vader what have you done you cut off my automail hand now I'm going to get hit by winry.

Sorry I-I didn't know that was your automail hand.

Then on the medicine frigit BP and his team were with Luke and his droids and leia.

Don't worry BP we'll be on anakin's home world and save han solo.

OK may the force be with you dude and the anime guardians.

You too.


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